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Only if you are a health care worker in Ontario who is actively involved in managing reimbursement of cancer drugs at your facility, then you are eligible to join ODANO.

Benefits of Joining ODANO

Registration onto the ODANO email listserv, where you can ask questions to other Drug Access Navigators, as well as contribute to the ODANO community.

Navigators, as well as contribute to the ODANO community.

Access to the website Members’ Section which contains many drug access resources and forms.

Contact information for other ODANO members.

Calendar of ODANO events.

Invitations to yearly ODANO conferences as well as regular meetings throughout the year.
Fee: there is no fee to join ODANO.
If you are interested in joining ODANO, please complete and submit the following form.
Note: Registration will only be accepted for Drug Access Navigators and other health care workers who are involved with Drug Access at their institution.

Once you submit your registration below, you will receive an email at the address you specified, to verify your email address.

Once you’ve verified your email, an ODANO admin will review your registration and may contact you to verify your information.

When approval is granted, you will receive a second email notification.

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